3 Reasons You Should Replace That Sliding Door With French Patio Doors

Are you looking for a way to update the look of your kitchen, dining room, or living area? After you switch out that mantle and replace your flooring with hardwood, you might be looking for other upgrades that will make a difference. Here are three reasons you should replace that old glass sliding door leading to the outside with brand new French patio doors.

1: Better Aesthetics

Twenty years ago or so, sliding glass doors were all the rage. Because people loved the idea of having a fixed door with large, open windows, many builders chose to install them when they built homes. However, because sliding glass doors were used so prevalently during that time, leaving them in your house can make your place look dated. Those thick glass panels might be etched with hard water stains, and the hardware can look thick, clunky, and cheap.

Fortunately, you can transform the aesthetics of your living area by replacing those sliding doors with beautiful French patio doors. These durable double doors open in the middle, making your home look like a luxurious estate.

2: You Can Make Them Your Own With Custom Glass

If you want to make your French doors look even more upscale, consider putting your own personal spin on them by adding custom glass. Here are a few different types of glass that can really set your doors apart:

  • Bubbled: In the olden days, it was difficult to manufacture glass free of tiny air pockets. Although these bubbles were frustrating for glass manufacturers a hundred years ago, today they can make your home look special and nostalgic. Ask your French door manufacturer about replacing those clear panes with the bubbled variety to make them more interesting, and to refract a little light. 
  • Frosted: If you are looking for some privacy, but don't feel like covering up those beautiful French doors, consider adding frosted glass. These days, you can have glass door panels sandblasted to make the panes opaque, or you can even apply removable frosted glass decals that can be removed later.
  • Textured: To give your doors movement and flow, consider asking for textured glass. Textured glass comes in a huge variety of different patterns. You can find glass with surfaces molded into interesting geometric patterns or some that looks like it is covered with flowing water.

As you select glass for your patio doors, think carefully about the design aesthetic present in the rest of your home. By tying the glass into your décor, you can make those new French doors look original to the house.

3: Functionality

One of the best things about French doors is they tend to be a lot more functional than their sliding glass cousins. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Open Up Your Living Space: Because sliding glass doors generally consist of one fixed panel and one door that actually moves, they essentially close off half of the doorway; even when the sliding door is open. However, if you install French doors, you can open both sides of the entryway to allow more flow through the space.    
  • Cool Your Home Naturally: Are you looking for a way to improve the passive cooling capacity of your home? By throwing open those French doors and your front windows, you can create a delightful cross-breeze through your home.
  • Let In More Light: If you want to expand your entryway to let in more light, French doors are an excellent option. Because windows can be installed alongside each door panel and all throughout the door itself, you can let in loads of light without making your space look old.

Upgrading your home to include French patio doors might give your home an upscale, customized finish, while helping your space to function better. Continue here to find out more.