How To Prevent Your Toddler From Infesting Your Home

Toddlers tend to be friendly, curious people, which can get them, and you, into trouble occasionally. Toddlers can pick up common pests while they are outdoors and bring them into your home, and the mess many toddlers make throughout the day can create an excellent breeding ground for other types of pests. Luckily, you only have to be more aware of three types of pests if you have a toddler, and preventing them from infesting your home is easy, once you know how. 


Fleas are known for hitching a ride on pets, but as many toddlers enjoy hugging and petting cats and dogs, they also make an excellent way for fleas to get into your home. Once fleas start to breed in your home, they can be difficult and time consuming to eradicate, so you want to prevent the fleas from coming in contact with your child outside. To do this, don't allow your son or daughter to touch any pets that have not been treated with flea medication. Additionally, have your toddler stick to outside areas with well-trimmed grass. Finally, refrain from taking blankets or plush toys outside, as fleas can hitch a ride on them as well. 

If fleas do get into your home, you will have to be diligent about washing all fabric and steam cleaning your carpets, several times. To make this process easier, you should limit the amount of plush toys your child has. Reducing the amount of clothing he or she owns can also be helpful. Besides washing everything, you can sprinkle some natural flea poison, such as boric acid or diatomaceous earth, around your home, but be sure whatever you use is safe for curious toddlers to consume. 


Ants love the sweet snacks that humans leave behind, and too often, a toddler will leave an entire buffet in their wake. Chasing after your toddler may not leave you with the ideal amount of time to vacuum and wipe up spills, but there are several things you can do to prevent them in the first place. First, try to feed your toddler at the table or in their high chair as much as possible. This prevents them from wandering around the home with food in their hands. Second, do not put juice or sweet drinks in a toddler's bottle or cup. Besides being bad for your toddler's teeth and health, juice can spill into a sticky ant treat. Instead, encourage your toddler to drink water between meals, if they are thirsty. 

If you catch ants early enough, a vinegar spray to erase their chemical trail and a thorough cleaning may solve your problem. However, if they are already nesting in your home you may need to find their nest and destroy it, or call in an exterminator to do that for you. 


If your child is attending daycare or preschool, it is likely that they will get lice at some point. While you can kill lice with commercial shampoos, you may want to try gentler, more natural approaches first. If your child does not have a sensitivity to tea tree oil, you can mix 5-10 drops of tea tree oil in a half-cup of olive oil. Spread this on their scalp and keep their head covered with a plastic wrap for an hour before washing it out. This should kill the adults. Then, carefully go over their scalp with a comb, dipped in tea tree oil and water, to remove any eggs. 

Once your child comes home with lice, you will also have to treat all of their bedding and plush toys. Wash all fabric that your child comes in contact with at a high temperature with 15-20 drops of tea tree oil added to your detergent. 

Having a toddler makes your home vulnerable to invasion by several pests, but it is relatively easy to prevent their spread. If they get out of hand, you should call a pest control company that has experience working in homes with small children. You can also visit to contact a pest control company.