5 Electrical Upgrades To Help Save Space In Your Living Room

Conserving space in a living room can help make the area feel larger, opens up the possibilities for different types of furniture, and can help reduce a lot of clutter. Along with choosing furniture that can save space, a residential electrician can implement a number of upgrades that will contribute to space-saving areas. The following five upgrades are ideal for all types of living room set-ups, and the new wiring and technology can be installed directly by electricians.

Outlet Upgrades

One of the easiest ways to save space and reduce clutter in the living room is by implementing a number of outlet upgrades. These upgrades can give you different areas for outlets so you can move furniture without the worry of blocking outlets that are needed. New outlets have a number of different features that electricians can install.

  • Expanded Outlets: Instead of running large surge protectors or power strips, an electrician can install expanded outlets on the walls. These outlets feature extra plugs so you can plug in lights, lamps, and electronic devices in the same area.
  • Floor Outlets: Save wall space and give more room to configure your living room with floor outlets. These outlets are installed directly on the floor so it's easier to plug in floor technology like speakers and lamps.
  • USB Outlets: In addition to traditional outlets, electricians can install outlets with USB ports built into them. This will help reduce clutter caused by outlet to USB converter cords.

Recessed Lighting

Living room lighting, such as lamps, ceiling fans, and other fixtures, can take up a lot of space and make the room feel smaller. One of the best ways to light a living room and still save space is with recessed lighting. Electricians can install this type of lighting directly in the ceiling. There are multiple types of recessed lighting fixtures you can have installed.

  • Baffle Trim Lights: These lights are recessed and blend into the ceiling of your living room. They shine straight down and can be used with multiple types of light bulbs.
  • Adjustable Recessed Lights: Adjustable lights allow you to tilt the light to point in any direction. Some of the lights allow you to dim the beam so you can create different theme lighting.
  • Reflective Trim Lights: The area around the lights features reflective materials to help create more light around the room.

Wall TV Mounts & Outlets

The TV and entertainment center are normally an anchor part of a living room and can take up the most space. Instead of using regular wall outlets and using an entertainment center, a television can be mounted directly on a wall. To help reduce clutter, an electrician can install high mounted outlets, cable connections, and Internet connections for the TV. This will eliminated hanging cords and can really open up the room.

Fireplace Conversions

As an alternative to a wall mount, an unused fireplace can be converted to save space in the living room. Electricians can run wires through a fireplace, add insulation, and make it safe for the installation of outlets and cable wires. This can be done directly inside a fireplace or above it on a mantle. Instead of having an extra entertainment center, a converted fireplace will save space and create a nice focal point for the living room.

Media Closets

Video game consoles, sound systems, and cable boxes can all take up a lot of space in a living room. When working with an electrician, you can convert a living room closet into a full-fledged media closet. If you do not have an available closet, a section of living room wall can be converted into shelving space.

Along with proper wiring and outlets for devices, an electrician can install proper lighting and cooling fans to prevent equipment from overheating.

It's a good idea to plan ahead with your living room upgrade ideas. This can help a residential electrician prepare and create the best execution possible.