2 Great Products That Can Improve Your Construction Fencing

After securing all of the building permits and giving your team a pep talk, you might be ready to throw up that temporary construction fence and break ground on that new project. However, that simple fence might be able to do more for you than you think. Here are two great products that can improve your construction fencing, so that you can keep your work site clean, safe, and functional:

1: Sign Brackets

If you leave that chain link fence bare, you might be missing out on a big opportunity. Believe it or not, you can buy special brackets that make it easy to anchor signs directly to your fence. Here are a few things you might want to display, and how it could benefit your business:  

  • Essential Documents: Construction sites can be hard on the environment, with materials like broken nails and rogue oil droplets washing away from your site. To prevent issues, the EPA requires contractors to post Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans—or risk staggering fines of up to $32,500 per day, per infraction. Fortunately, sign brackets make it easy to post your SWPPP plan, so that officials can find what they need when they need it.  
  • Project Announcements: If you are tired of curious onlookers asking what you are building, consider using sign brackets to post project information. For example, you might post the estimated completion date or direct the public to a website to check the project's progress.
  • Advertisements: Why not use that fence as a way to drum up excitement about that project? You can even work with business owners to post upcoming specials or to display company logos to build their brand.

Before you hang up signs, try to evaluate the most visible areas of your fence. Consider driving by your job site to see where the best places would be. Plan out the position of documents and announcements so that they are at eye-level. After all, an advertisement that is hung too high or low might go unnoticed anyway.

2: Privacy Netting

On the other hand, some businesses might be more interested in privacy than they are in sales or branding. If you are working on a high-profile project, privacy netting can help you to keep things under wraps. Privacy netting is available in a huge range of colors, visibility strengths, and sizes, so that you can customize your temporary construction fence however you see fit. Here are a few huge advantages that privacy netting offers:  

  • Keep Site More Secure: Construction site theft is a real problem, with pawnshops being flooded with stolen tools and materials. However, you might be able to keep your site more secure by using privacy netting. When thieves can't see where you store supplies, they might be less likely to breach the perimeter and haul away your merchandise.
  • Reduce Dust Transfer: Privacy netting can also keep dust clouds from invading local sidewalks and businesses. In addition to keeping pedestrians safe, privacy netting can also protect driving visibility in the area.
  • Improve the Surprise: Last but not least, privacy netting can boost the surprise of your completed building. When all of those finishing touches are finally in place, you can take down your construction fence to reveal a perfect project.  

If you are worried about spending a lot of time installing privacy netting, you shouldn't be. Most netting contains evenly spaced metal grommets that run the entire length of the fabric, so that you can strap that netting to your fence in a few minutes.  

By upgrading your construction fence with brackets and privacy netting, you can make your site look more professional while avoiding common problems.