How To Transform Ordinary Glass Into A Stunning Garden Mirror

If you love the look of garden mirrors, but can't find the size and shape you desire, you'll he happy to know that you can create your own mirror with ordinary glass. With some mirror effect paint and a few supplies, you can transform any piece of glass into a mirror suitable for your garden. Follow these tips for planning and making a mirror for your garden.


You will need a piece of glass in the desired size and shape. You can get glass cut to your specifications at a custom glass shop for a few dollars or use old window panes. You will also need spray paint designed for creating a mirror effect. You can find this spray, sold by a variety of names, in the craft or paint section of your local home improvement center. You will also need a frame or the supplies to make one. You may wish to go rustic with a twig frame or use leftover pieces of wood to build your own. You can also use a standard picture frame for this project.

Preparing the Frame

If you intend to make your own frame, do that first. Otherwise, sand or paint the existing frame before preparing the mirror. Don't be afraid to paint the frame in bright colors as it will add color and your garden. For a whimsical garden mirror try using purple, blue or yellow or go daring and use bold red.

Preparing the Glass

Transforming the glass into a mirror is easier than you may think. Here's what you need to do.

  1. Measure the frame. Double check your measurements and write them down.
  2. Take the measurements to a custom glass shop and have a piece of glass cut to these dimensions. Alternately, if you are nervous about getting accurate measurements, you can take the frame with you to be sure.
  3. Cover a work area with newspapers or other material to protect it from paint spray.
  4. Wash and dry the glass.
  5. Lay the glass down on a flat surface and spray the entire surface of the glass with your mirror effect paint. For best results, spray the glass in a slow back-and-forth motion and then repeat in an up-and-down motion to create a smooth coat of paint. Check that all areas of the glass are covered evenly.
  6. Allow the paint to dry for the specified time on the container. Most dry within a few minutes, but drying time varies depending on the brand and weather conditions.
  7. Place the glass into the frame with the painted side facing the back of the frame.
  8. Cover it with a backing, such as heavy cardboard, and secure it in place with glazier's points. You can find these in the craft section or at the hardware store.
  9. Add a hanger to the frame.

Hanging the Mirror

Garden mirrors add depth and light to your garden. Follow these tips for finding the right location for your garden mirror.

  • Hang the mirror near interesting plants and flowers that you want to reflect. This creates an illusion of space in the garden. You can attach your mirror to a tree, stump or garden fence.
  • Hang the garden mirror in shady or dark areas of your garden. It will catch and reflect light, adding life to the area.
  • Display your garden mirror on a garden wall or privacy fence. This gives the illusion of a window into another section. It creates depth and space.
  • Conceal unattractive views by using the mirror to reflect flowers and greenery from another section of the garden.
  • Hanging a potted flower such as blue lobelia or brightly colored hummingbird feeder in front of the mirror where you can enjoy the view.

Don't be afraid to experiment when making your own garden mirrors. An old window frame can be transformed into a masterpiece with some custom glass and a quick coat of paint. Try fitting the mirror into an old tennis racket or pair of snow shoes for a unique mirror that is sure to grab attention.