Unclog and Clean Seamless Gutters

If the seamless gutters on your home's exterior have materials lodged inside of them that are preventing water from draining through the downspout and causing water to pool near the edge of your home's rooftop, take measures to clean the gutter system's interior by completing the following steps. Once the gutter system is working properly, simple maintenance steps will prevent a blockage from becoming an issue again.


  • ladder
  • hand rake
  • putty knife
  • industrial-strength detergent
  • bucket
  • water hose
  • handheld scrub brush
  • tube brush
  • extension handle

Remove Debris from the Gutter System

Set up a ladder near the edge of the gutter system. Remove debris from portions of the gutter system's interior with a hand rake. If any debris is hardened, use a putty knife to assist with loosening it. Remove surface stains from the gutter system with a handheld scrub brush and industrial-strength detergent that has been mixed with water. Move the brush back and forth in a brisk manner to remove hardened substances. Rinse the interior portion of the gutter system out with a strong stream of water once you have finished.

Unclog the Downspout

Insert a tube brush that has an extension handle connected to it into the top opening of the downspout. Move the brush up and down and from side to side to assist with dislodging materials. Shine a flashlight into the downspout's opening to ensure that you have eliminated any debris that is stuck inside of it. Clean the opposite opening in the downspout that is resting on the ground in the same manner. Make sure that the bottom end of the downspout is pointed away from your home once the top is clean.

Climb the ladder and insert the nozzle of a water hose in the downspout's opening. Use a strong stream of water to rinse the downspout out. 

Maintain the Gutter System and Downspout

Cleaning out the gutter system at random times throughout the year will keep it in operating order. Inspect the gutter system after severe storms have passed through the area, and remove any large pieces of debris that could possibly cause a blockage by hand. Remove staining from the gutter system's interior and exterior with soapy water and a scrub brush, and spray a steady stream of water to rinse away any residue.

These steps will keep the system in order and will prevent damage to any portions of it. They will also help maintain the appearance of the gutter system.

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