3 Tips For Troubleshooting Problems While Using Your New MIG Welding Machine

If you are trying out your new MIG welding machine, you may have run into an issue either with using the machine or with your weld. If so, use the troubleshooting tips below to help correct the problem.

Machine Sounds Like A Machine Gun During Use

As you start to weld with the machine, you may start hearing a noise that sounds like a machine gun going off. If so, look at the grounding clamp you are using. If it is an older one that you found lying around your work area, it may be too worn to properly ground the electricity going through the machine to the MIG gun.

To fix this issue, either find a new grounding clamp or use the one that came with the machine. If you still hear the noise after replacing the clamp, check the connection to the machine to make sure it is secure.

Arc Between The MIG Gun Tip And Metal Is Too Wide

As you are welding, you may start to notice that the arc of electricity between the MIG gun and the metal is too wide and starting to spark too much. If you hold the gun's too far away from the metal, the distance, or stickout, becomes too great and may become uncontrollable. This could result in a messy or incomplete weld.

Check to make sure you are measuring the distance from the tip and not the nozzle. If you find you have been measuring the arc from the nozzle, bring the gun closer to the metal until you have an arc that is half an inch or less.

Bottom Of The Weld Is Loose

Once you have solved any issues involving the ground or stickout, you may still find that your welds are too loose. This can be caused by welding downhill, which makes the top part of the metal piece run down to the bottom of the weld, creating air pockets and an uneven subsurface.

To fix this issue, learn how to weld uphill. Start welding the metal at the lowest point, and work your way up. If you have any questions about this technique, you can either consult your machine's manual for specific tips or have your lead welder demonstrate it for you.

The above troubleshooting tips can help you solve simple problems with your new MIG machine. However, if you run into any more complex issues, you may want to either discuss the issue with your lead welder or contact the manufacturer of the welding machine for additional information or advice. Go to websites for more info.