Refresh Your Roof With Paint This Spring

If your roof is looking faded or weathered, give it a fresh face this spring with paint. It isn't difficult to paint a roof, although the same roofing rules of safety apply to this project. Talk with home improvement retailers about the best paint, supplies, and tips to give your roof a fresh coat of paint.

Some things to know about when painting your home's roof include:

The type of paint. You can use any kind of house-paint on your roof, depending on the roofing materials. For instance, use a metal paint on aluminum or tin roofing and exterior-flat paint on asphalt.  A prudent approach is to use an energy-efficient paint, one that may make your home cheaper to heat and cool. Elastomeric paint is a type of paint that is a bit thicker than ordinary house paint and is opaque and reflective for optimal energy efficiency.

Shingle-situations. A perk to painting an asphalt-shingled roof is that the coating preserves the asphalt on shingles, which is great when they begin to deteriorate and the gravel begins to come loose. The asphalt will soak up the paint that you use, so be prepared to use a bit more than you may have estimated for the square footage. Also, you can conserve paint and prevent problems by using a sealant first on whatever type of roof you happen to be painting.

The type of roof. Painting metal roofing is part of maintaining the material and preserving the condition of your roof. This coating can prevent rust and weathering, which makes your roof last longer. Pretty much any kind of shingle can be painted as long as the paint you are using is suited to the material, whether it be wood, metal, tile, stone, or asphalt.

Drying time. Make sure to allow ample drying time after painting your roof. Humidity, weather, and climate come into play here, so give it at least 24 hours, but check the recommendations on the paint that you use to determine if you need to let it dry even longer than that.

Plenty of paint. As mentioned, asphalt shingles require a lot of paint, as do untreated shakes, cedar, matte tile, and terracotta. Plan on buying more paint than you think you will need all at once, as you don't want there to be a distinctive color difference on your home's roof from using two similar, but subtly different, paints.

Painting your home's roof has many benefits, including preserving its condition, extending its life, and even making your home more energy efficient. Talk to roofing contractors or home improvement stores for more information or product advice when it comes time to give your roof a fresh look.