Drapery Hanging Tips To Give Your Home A Professionally Installed Look

Hanging curtains can be done by simply putting some curtains on a curtain rod and calling it a day, but to give your home a more polished and professionally designed look, it will take a little more work. See below for tips on how to hang your curtains like a professional.

Hang 'Em High

Hang your curtains as high as you can above your window trim. If you don't have a lot of top space between your window trim and your ceiling, measure the space, then hang your curtain rod at the center of the space (i.e. if you have 12 inches between your trim and ceiling, hang your curtains at the 6 inch mark). Hanging your curtains higher than the trim helps add height to the room, giving the feel of taller ceilings, and taller windows.

Hang 'Em Wide

Invest in longer curtain rods that can span the width of the window plus a few extra inches (about 4 - 6 inches). Hanging them wider helps give the feel of a wider window. Be sure to push your curtains out as far as you can to allow more light to come into your home.

Kiss The Floor

Allow your curtains to touch or drape along the floor. This gives the room a more dramatic look. If your curtains aren't long enough, they'll look more like "floods" - as in they just aren't the right fit. Spend the money on longer length curtains, which may cost you a little more, but the end result will be worth the extra money in the end.

Put A Ring On It

Use drapery rings to hang your curtains. Don't slide the curtains onto the rod if your curtains have a rod pocket. You can find curtain rings of all sizes and colors at your local big box store or home store. To use the rings, you can sew an extra piece of fabric at the top for your rings to clip onto (hiding the clip and only showing the rings), or you can allow the clips to show. Using rings can help add a little more length to your curtains, giving you a little more break in your curtains as well.

Adding drapes in your home from a place like Park City Blind & Design can change the look of every room in your home. With plenty of options to choose from, you can find something to match with your decor and style. Give them a more polished and professionally installed look by following the tips above.