How Landscaping Rocks Can Beautify Your Property While Being Useful

Landscaping rocks can serve many purposes on your property. Because they are so durable, they last a long time, so you'll get your money's worth out of your investment. They come in different sizes and colors, and they add beauty to your lawn as well. Here are some ideas for using landscaping rocks around your home.

Brighten Flower Beds

Rocks make ideal mulch. They allow water to filter down into the soil, and they keep the soil moist for your plants and flowers. Lava rocks are ideal for flower beds because the rocks are porous and have an attractive appearance. Lava rocks are available in red or black. The red color adds a nice visual element to your yard and makes your flower beds stand out, especially when your flowers are not in bloom yet. A side benefit of using landscaping rock as a decorative type of mulch is that it lasts for years. Organic mulch will break down and need to be replaced often. You'll only have to replace landscaping rock if it gets blown away by high winds or carried off by kids.

Create A Parking Pad

If you need an extra parking space when you buy a car for a new teen driver, you can easily make one with landscaping rock. Granite and limestone are good choices for a driveway or parking pad. These are rough, rugged stones that don't shift much when you drive on them. Smaller and lighter rocks will move around and create ruts or get stuck in the tires. Limestone is a nice choice because it has a white color that brightens your yard. It can be used to define borders on the side of your driveway or flower beds as well.

Design A Walkway

A winding walkway adds interest to your backyard, especially if it wends its way through your garden. River rock is an ideal material for walkways. The rocks are smooth, so they are easy to walk on, even with bare feet. Granite and limestone are jagged and not the best choice for walking paths. River rock comes in a variety of dark and neutral colors, so it creates a perfect complement for colorful flowers and plants. This type of landscaping rock is very popular for a lot of purposes. It can be used as mulch around flowers and trees, and it can even be used to create a deck around your patio or pool.

Create A Centerpiece

Not all landscaping rocks are small. Others can be quite large, so you can use one or more of them to be a focal point of a flower or plant arrangement. A large rock can also define a boundary or border. You can use large rocks to make steps, planters, and even a centerpiece waterfall. Rather than being in the background to support the design of your flowers and plants, a large, decorative rock can be the centerpiece of your design arrangement.

Once you start designing with rocks, you'll come up with all sorts of ideas. Even a small amount of colorful rocks can really brighten your yard. If you plan to use a lot of rocks for ground cover, creating a deck, or making a driveway, then you may want to have the rocks delivered and spread around for you rather than investing a lot of labor into hauling rocks and moving them around.