Have Rusted Pipes Under The Sink? What To Do

If you are noticing rust on the exterior of your pipes under the sink or around your faucets, there are some things that you'll want to do to make sure you don't have any serious plumbing problems and to make sure that your plumbing fixtures and the water you drink is safe. If you can find a plumbing supply store, you'll want to look into the following things for your home. Installing the pieces may not be difficult, but if you are unsure how, you may want to call a plumber.

New Under Sink Pipes

You want to replace the pipes that are under the sink. This can often be done easily by ordering the two or three components, and then replacing the pipes by loosening the fixtures. If the fixtures that hold the pipes into position are rusted or eroding, you want to replace the connecting pieces as well. Measure the pieces before you order online or go to the store to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Pipe Insulation

Add insulation around the pipe to prevent condensation, which often creates the rusting on the exterior of the pipes. The pipe insulation is a padding or even a sealant that can easily be applied by the homeowner, and you can fit it to the pipes where needed. You can attach this with a tape around the foam or a spray adhesive to the pipe.

Water Testing Set

If you are worried that there is corrosion on the inside of the pipes, you'll want to have the water tested. You can get a water testing set at a plumbing supply or home improvement store to see what is in your water and if the quality is high enough for you to drink. If you see any concerns, you may want to call a plumber to get the cost for a water softening system.

There are a lot of different issues that can arise when you are dealing with rusty pipes under your sink, and you want to replace the pipes and find the source of the problem before you end up with a leak or damage. Measure all of the pipes and decide what you want to use to insulate the pipes, and then get to work on the project. Once you know the water is safe and everything has been tested, you'll be ready to drink water and run water through the faucet without concerns. 

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