Things You Need To Ask The Company That Will Be Moving Your Medical Equipment

Moving medical equipment is nothing like moving office equipment or your home. Because of the cost of the equipment, and its sensitivity, you do not want to have anything go wrong whem taking it from one location to another. Even though you and your staff know how to operate each machine does not mean that you can take it down, pack it, move it, and get it back up to working condition. This means you are going to need to hire professional movers for the task. When talking with the different companies to determine who to hire, there are some questions you need to ask to make sure you have the best people for the job.

Packing Containers

Medical equipment requires special containers and packaging to ensure that it is not damaged during a move. You should check federal, state, and medical regulations to make sure that you know what materials are allowed for packing the different pieces of machinery. You may be able to get this information all in one location from the manufacturers of each machine.

Taking Down and Setting Up the Equipment

Ask the company if they have tchnicians who are capable of taking the equipment apart if necessary. You should also ask if they can provide someone to test and recalibrate the machines once they are in place at the new location. These tchnicians should be certified to be able to do all of this. If the company does not provide technicians, be sure to contact the manufacturer to find someone who can do this for you. It is best to coordinate the placement and any set up and testing to be done while the movers are there. This way, if something is wrong the movers can document it right away so their insurance will pay for any repairs.


Make sure that the company you hire has enough insurance to cover any losses that may occur durng the move. This includes paying for repairs if something needs adjusting to work properly again. In addition, the insurance should state that the policy covers medical equipment. Just because they have enough insurance does not always mean it will cover what you need it to cover.

As soon as you are even thinking about moving a medical office, start to look for the company who will do the moving for you. Ask questions, get quotes, and meet with the people who will be working with you. It is best to have them come to your current location to see if they will need a crane or other special machines to facilitate the move. You want everything to go as smooth as possible to get your business up and running again. For more information, contact companies like Precision Rigging & Contractor CO.