3 Dog-Friendly Features To Include In Your Swimming Pool

Making the decision to add a swimming pool to your property can be a great way to provide your family and friends with hours of enjoyment during the warm summer months. While people will certainly enjoy your new swimming pool, you may want to ensure that your dog has the opportunity to enjoy the pool as well.

Here are three dog-friendly features that you should consider incorporating into the design of your new swimming pool.

1. Beach Entry

If you want to ensure that your dog has easy access to the water within your swimming pool, you should incorporate a beach entry into your pool's design. A beach entry features a gradual slope leading into the swimming pool rather than a set of vertical stairs.

Since dogs can't navigate vertical stairs easily, having a beach entry will provide your pooch with easy access to the water. A beach entry will also make it easier for young children and the elderly to access your pool, making it a great addition to any family pool design.

2. Fountains

Another great feature to include in your new swimming pool's design when you want the pool to be dog-friendly is a series of fountains. Most dogs love running water, so having fountains that spray into your swimming pool will provide your dog with hours of entertainment.

These fountains can be customized to feature a single stream of water, or several streams for a more dramatic effect. LED lighting can also be added to the fountains to help give your pool a more sophisticated feel. Allow your dog to enjoy access to running water by opting to add fountains to your new swimming pool.

3. Tanning Ledges

While many dogs enjoy swimming, it's nice for a dog to have a place where they can enjoy being in the water without having to work constantly to stay afloat. The addition of tanning ledges around the exterior of your pool can provide a viable solution to meet your dog's soaking needs.

These ledges protrude out from the edge of your pool and offer a shelf on which the water is shallow. People can lay on these ledges to remain cool while getting some sunshine, and your dog can lay on tanning ledges to do the same.

Designing your new swimming pool with your pet in mind will help to ensure that all the members of your family (both furry and non) will be able to enjoy the pool in the future.Contact a company, like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas, for more help.