Ask Your Building Contractor These Questions When Planning A Home Addition

An addition to your home, like any remodeling project, is something that you have to consider carefully. You could argue, however, that an addition is even more important to be methodical about, given that it's visible from both the inside and the outside of your home. To find a building contractor for this big job, you need to interview several and ask to see examples of home additions they've done in the past. As you narrow down your search, you should seek to gain as much knowledge about the job as possible through questions such as these.

Will The Addition Raise The Value Of The Home?

While you need to keep in mind that building contractors cannot necessarily assess the value of a home in the same manner as a real estate agent, they are nevertheless adept at identifying how a home addition may affect the home's value. Home additions that offer the most value are those that future owners will find highly appealing. If your planned addition is highly specific and might not appeal to others, it may not boost the home's value — and that can be fine to you, especially if you're not planning to sell. However, it's important to have an idea of this topic before you move forward.

How Closely Can You Match The Exterior?

You generally don't want an addition to look like an addition. In other words, it's ideal if the addition is made to effectively suit the look of your residence from the exterior. In order to accomplish this goal, the building contractor will need to match the addition's exterior elements, such as its siding, brick, and even its roof, to the rest of the residence. Ask your contractor if this will be possible. If not, you may want to completely change the look of the addition so that it offers an obvious visual contrast.

Will The Addition Be Evident From Inside?

In many cases, you won't want the fact that the addition was added after the house was built to be evident from the inside of the home, either. In order to accomplish this goal, look for your building contractor to explain in detail how he or she will create a seamless interior transition between the existing home and the addition. For example, if you want the adjacent room to open into the addition through a wide area, rather than just a single door, you'll want the contractor to explain how this can be done and how it will look.