Scrapping Vs. Selling: Metal Recycling Companies May Give You A Better Deal On Your Old Car

Not everyone feels comfortable putting more than 100,000 miles on a car. You chose to drive the same vehicle for upwards of 150,000 miles. The car ran fine most of the time, but now you cannot ignore the costly mechanical problems. Selling the old car seems like a decent plan. After all, it still runs. The car needs some work. Selling the car isn't a bad idea. An even better strategy might be selling the vehicle to a metal recycling company. Doing so could eliminate many hassles. Once the car goes to the recycling facility, troubles won't likely come back to haunt you. 

Sell Cars for Scrap Metal

Recycled scrap metal remains in demand all over the world. Why let old metal go to waste when giant corporations overseas pay to import tons of scrap? A car is comprised of aluminum, steel, and more. So, scrap yards rarely turn down the opportunity to pay market value for an "old clunker." Still, people don't immediately think of recycling companies when hoping to get rid of an old model. They try to unload the vehicle via a private sale. Here are some good reasons why selling the model, even a running one, to a metal recycling company could be preferable:

  • Demand Always Exists: Somewhere there's a need for extra steel and other metals. A scrap yard won't likely turn down the chance to buy an old car the owners can "flip" for raw metals. Finding a buyer interested in purchasing and driving your car, however, might prove tough. An old car could go unsold for months -- if sold at all -- when trying to find a private buyer. A reputable scrap yard may be a phone call away.
  • No Customer Complaints: Private buyers could turn around and complain mightily about the "lemon" you sold them. Complaints might even turn into litigation if the buyer takes you to court. Scrap yards usually compact the vehicles and resell the raw metal. 
  • Selling Is Easy: Scrap yards base the sale price of the vehicle on its size and weight. If you accept the amount, someone from the scrap yard may come over and hauls the car away. You need to follow your state's requirements for signing over the title. Your car won't likely sit on the street for months waiting for a buyer.

Sometimes, scrapping an old car makes more sense than going through the hassle of trying to sell it. Why not take advantage of the smooth process of unloaded the car to a metal recycler? Visit a site like for more help.