Things To Know About A Sunroom Addition

If you like the extra space a patio gives you for dining or for extra seating, then you probably miss the extra space when the weather is rainy or cold. If you have a sunroom installed, you can use your patio every day of the year. Installing a sunroom over a patio often works well, but you can have a sunroom installed anywhere and save your patio if you prefer. Here are some things to know about getting a sunroom.

Insulated Materials Are Used

Unlike a simple patio enclosure, a sunroom is made using insulated building materials and glass. This makes it possible to be comfortable on hot summer days with the sun beating through the glass as well as on frigid winter days. Sunrooms can also be climate controlled just as you would any other room addition to your home. Because they are built with energy efficiency in mind, sunrooms are easy to heat and keep cool without wasting energy.

There's A Selection In Roofs

The first decision you make when considering a sunroom is if you want a glass ceiling or a covered ceiling. You might even choose a covered ceiling with a skylight. A covered ceiling provides shade and space for a climate control system and wiring. However, a glass ceiling provides the best view and lets in the most light. Glass ceilings, and often the windows too, are installed with tinted glass. Tinted glass is a good option for reducing glare so you can enjoy the view better. Plus, it blocks UV rays so you won't have to worry about furniture or rugs in the sunroom fading.

Different Windows And Doors Are Available

Another decision to make concerns the type of windows and doors for the sunroom. When the weather is mild, you may want to open windows to let in a breeze. You can have different windows installed in a sunroom just as you can with your home. You may want double-hung, casement, or awning windows. You may even want fixed windows if you don't plan to open them. When it comes to doors, you may want a single swing door, sliding glass doors, or French doors depending on your preferences for appearance and function.

While any type of home addition adds more living space, a sunroom is special. It allows you to soak up natural lighting in comfort so you aren't cooped up in the house on cold days. A room filled with natural light during any season of the year is a joy to spend time in and makes a great room for families to gather to play or dine.