Renovating A Smaller House? Space Maximization Ideas For You

If the house you own happens to be on the smaller side, you may wonder what if anything you can do to renovate and remodel it to maximize your space. Small homes do not have to feel cramped or crowded and should instead feel warm, cozy, and welcoming. There are many different renovation techniques that you can use to do just that. Learn more about a few of the ways that you can renovate a smaller house to maximize your space. Then, you can contact a renovation contractor as soon as possible to help you get your project underway. 

Add in Hidden Staircase Storage

When it comes to problems that people face in smaller homes, clutter is one of the biggest ones. Having too many items for the allotted storage space in your home can create issues with your house feeling disorganized and just plain cluttered. Adding in hidden and extra storage in your home remodeling project and renovations can help. 

If you have stairs in your home, the space underneath your stairs is an excellent place to add storage. You can create two different types of storage in the staircase. One way is to have the tops of the steps lift up to reveal drawer space underneath the stairs. These drawers can hold a variety of items, from seasonal decorations to extra linens. You can also have storage access along the side of the staircase (if there is an open area next to the stairs). Essentially, this type of storage would be like cubbies or extra linen closets where you can stow away a myriad of items. 

Build a Custom Bed with Storage

Storage can also come in other hidden locales in your home. You may want to have a contractor build you a custom bed in your home that doubles as a great place for storage. Instead of a traditional bed frame with space between the floor and the frame, you can have a storage bed built with drawers underneath the mattress itself. 

Having this custom-made can help to ensure that your storage areas under the bed are specified to your storage needs. For example, you may want smaller storage spaces for miscellaneous items or larger sections to store extra clothing or comforters. 

Add or Enlarge Windows

Windows can make a home feel much more spacious and airy, no matter what the size. If your small home also has small windows, you may want to consider either adding in additional windows or enlarging the windows you already have. 

One place that you want to have the most window space is in a front room or living room. This is the area that will likely get the most use by all of the family members and can benefit the most from feeling more spacious and light. 

Another option for adding windows to your home is to actually install ceiling windows. The light coming from above will add depth to your home and may even make it feel like your home is taller as well as more open. And the better the natural light in your home, the more welcoming and inviting it will feel in general. 

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can renovate your smaller home to maximize space, you can get in touch with a contractor to start the job right away. For more information, contact companies like Lehman Construction Services Inc.