Building A Home And Soil To Soft? Use Chemical Grouting To Harden It Up

If you are building a home and the soil is soft, you need to harden it up. This is because soft soil causes instability, which can cause structure problems in your home. Over time, your foundation will crack, and your home will start to sink. Fortunately, there are ways you can harden the soil before you start building, one of which is chemical grouting. Chemical grouting can also be used to underpin a foundation if you have already built your home on soft soil. Below is information about the chemical grouting process to help you understand. 

Dig Holes

The grouting company will first drill a hole in the soil that needs extra support. A pipe is then placed in the hole. This pipe is known as a sleeve port pipe and the pipe is available in many lengths. The length used will depend on how much grouting your soil needs. For example, the contractor will go deeper into the soil if your soil is very soft. Once the holes are built and the port pipe is installed, a tapering ring will be installed to secure the pipes.

Inject Chemical Grouting

The contractor connects the pipes to a pressurized grout machine. This machine dispenses the chemical grout material into the pipe. The material then flows through the grout pipe and into the soft soil. Once the grout is dispensed and is in the soil, the grout moves around the soil and spreads everywhere. The grout material fills any open pores in the soil. 

Watch Closely 

Throughout the process the contractor will watch closely to ensure enough grout is being dispensed so they will not use too little grout or too much grout to take care of the soft soil. When finished, very little trace of the process is left as the contractor will fill the holes in where they placed the pipe. If you have a large piece of land, they will use pipes and dispensers in different areas often at the same time. 

After the Grouting Process

When the process is finished, your soil is hard immediately. Your soil will be much like sandstone. You can still plant in this soil and your roots will be able to take hold much easier than they could in soft soil. This means you can have healthy vegetables if you plant a vegetable garden, and healthy flowers if you have flower gardens. This is also true for trees and bushes. 

If the contractor used the chemical grouting for a foundation, they used enough grout material to create a solid base. This is very thick and is has hard as concrete. This will ensure your home will never sink or you will not have foundation problems. 

The chemical grouting company that you hire can give you much more information about this. For more information, contact companies like A-PAC Pressure Grouting Inc.