Understanding Home Improvement Projects

Holy Smokes! What To Do When Your Oil Furnace Starts Smoking

If you're like most people, you learned at an early age that smoke means fire, and that if you ever smell smoke, you should get out of the home immediately. While this is certainly a good safety precaution in most cases, if the smoke in question happens to be coming from your oil-burning furnace, you need to know a little more. As long as you catch it early, smoke billowing from an oil-burning furnace is not necessarily a sign you need to evacuate immediately. Read More 

Storm Left Your Plumbing A Mess? Tips To Clean And Unclog Your Vent Stack

If a recent thunderstorm left your plumbing and home in a mess, clean and unclog your vent stack. Heavy rain and strong winds can wash or blow leaves, dirt and paper down your home's vent stack. Sometimes, animals seek shelter inside your vent to escape the harsh weather. When any of these problems happen, the debris blocks the flow of air in the vent stack and plumbing lines, as well as creates a foul smell in your house. Read More 

2 Great Products That Can Improve Your Construction Fencing

After securing all of the building permits and giving your team a pep talk, you might be ready to throw up that temporary construction fence and break ground on that new project. However, that simple fence might be able to do more for you than you think. Here are two great products that can improve your construction fencing, so that you can keep your work site clean, safe, and functional: Read More 

How To Repair An Asphalt Parking Lot Damaged By Tree Root Growth

Trees provide a lot of benefits, but they can also play havoc with paved surfaces. If your tree-lined, asphalt-paved, parking area has developed a large crack and shows signs of mounding, it's likely a tree root has forced the pavement upward. Below is how you can remove an offending tree root and repair the asphalt surface: Tools and materials needed Circular saw with continuous diamond blade suitable for dry cutting Read More 

4 Mistakes Apartment Owners Make When Painting Asbestos Surfaces

The United States government has not yet banned asbestos as a construction material, despite the evidence that the material can cause life-threatening cancers and diseases. Nonetheless, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has implemented several regulations that control how workers and consumers should deal with material in existing properties. It's often complex and time-consuming to completely remove asbestos in an apartment, so many owners decide simply to paint over asbestos surfaces. Read More